1915 Chalmers Six-48 Touring
I-6, 48 bhp

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The Chalmers automobiles, a car in the $1500-$3000 range, first became available in 1908. The cars were an immediate success due to good features and performance. By 1915 all Chalmers sold featured a six-cylinder engine. This 7-passenger touring featured an inline-six producing 48 horsepower and a four-speed transmission. The six-cylinder proved an excellent car winning two Glidden Tours.   The Chalmers would eventually be taken over by Maxwell Motors. Maxwell, in turn, would become Chrysler after Walter Chrysler was brought in to help Maxwell out of receivership. There were 9,800 Chalmers Six’s built-in 1915.


• First-year for Chalmers to use 6 cyl in all cars; Hugh Chalmers was co. namesake
• The company built 20,000 cars in 1915
• One of the most powerful and fastest cars of 1915, and had lots of racing success