1912 Standard Electric Open Tour Runabout
Powered by 14 6-volt batteries

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Standard Electric Car Company (1911 – 1915) of Jackson, Michigan. Clem Kueger, who had worked for Studebaker Brothers in South Bend, Indiana ran the company and adhered to strict electric vehicle practice in production. The most popular model was a Closed Coupe, however, a Runabout was occasionally offered. The vehicle was steered by a tiller on the left side, 110 miles between charges was widely advertised, 20 mph top speed was not! In November of 1915, the factory discontinued production and sold its factory to Benjamin Briscoe.

This particular vehicle here is the only electric to complete the New London to New Brighton AutoRun, a 130-mile run, in 1998. It is the Model “Electrique” Electric Motor 96” wheelbase. The original price was $1885.00. The motor number is 2054962768.


• Manufactured 1911 – 1915
• Tiller steering
• Maximum range: 125 miles
• Estimated speed: 35 mph
• Price new: $1,885