1912 International Harvester MWX Farm Truck
I-2, 20 bhp

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This high-wheeler was intended for use in rural areas. The large wheels provided sufficient ground clearance to drive deeply rutted roads. It has a 2 cylinder 20 hp engine, and two speed manual “friction” transmission, chain drive. The steering wheel is on the right side as opposed to our now North American standard left-side steering.

Motoring was still in its infancy when this International Auto Buggy was manufactured in 1910 by the US farm machinery manufacturer International Harvester Company (I.H.C.) of America Incorporated., at Akron, Ohio. The most striking thing about this car is its tall wheels fitted with solid rubber tires, which gave this type of vehicle the name “high wheeler”. Essentially, the car is a standard horse-drawn buggy modified and equipped with a simple motor and transmission. At the time, eighteen manufacturers in America were making similar high wheeler auto buggies including Schacht, Holsman, Fuller, McIntyre, Haines & Grut, and Galloway.

After 1911, the automobile department at International Harvester was shut down and only trucks were produced thereafter, though “Sunday-go-to-meetin’ seats” were available for the back of the high-wheeler truck models.


  • IHC built these “highwheel” trucks between 1907 and 1916, known as the “Auto Wagon”
  • The 7 gallon fuel tank could power this vehicle for 75-100 miles (10.7-14.25 mpg)