1911 Buick Model 39 Touring
318 cid, I-4, 48 bhp

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The Model 39 Buick was an enlarged version of the Four, mounted on a 117” chassis which rode on 28” wooden artillery wheels. Buick’s advanced Four was introduced in 1907 and featured the now-famous “valve-in-head” design. This was an unusual feature for an American-built car and helped boost performance. These were stout, strong running engines that were continually improved from the original 30 horsepower configuration to a 318 cid engine producing 48 horsepower by 1911. There were only 905 Buick Model 39’s produced in 1911 and cost $1850.

• Only the limousine was more expensive
• Sleek torpedo coachwork was advanced for the day, and Model 39’s had detailed upholstery and interior
• Only 905 produced
• Price new: $1,850