1909 Buick Model 10 Touring
165 cid, I-4, 23 bhp

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The Buick Model 10 was produced from 1908 through 1910. It was powered by a 165 cid, 22.5 bhp, 4-cylinder overhead-valve engine capable of speeds in excess of 40 mph.  This top speed earned the 1909 Buick the nickname “The White Flash”.

The cars featured planetary transmissions, much like those used in Ford Model Ts.  The brakes were mounted on the rear wheels as well as on the transmission.

The one change for 1909 was a longer wheel-base, to 92 inches.

Model 10 total production was 23,000 units, with 8149 in 1909.  Although a stripped-down version could be had for around $900, a fully loaded Model 10 cost in excess of $1050.


  • General Motors incorporated in 1909 on the strength of Buick; David Dunbar Buick left Buick in 1909
  • Buick automobiles always had overhead valves
  • Total Buick production in 1909: 8,149
  • Produced in Flint, MI
  • Price new: $1,050