1907 Tourist Model K Touring
H-2, 20 bhp

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The Tourist automobile was built by the Auto Vehicle Company, which was founded in Los Angeles in 1902. The Tourist, like many of its contemporaries, was a two-cylinder car. The large 20 horsepower twin-cylinder engine was mounted mid-ship, below the driver’s seat, and drove the rear wheels through a single chain drive. The Auto Vehicle Company began to falter in 1909 and was acquired by the California Automobile Company. The California Automobile Company ceased production in 1914. The Model K would be the last of the two-cylinder cars built under the name “Tourist” and was the last model built prior to the company’s acquisition by the California Automobile Company. There were 463 Tourist Model K’s built-in 1907.


  • Built-in Los Angeles, CA from 1902-1910
  • Features full “two-man bow-legged” top and side entrance coachwork
  • Only 463 built-in 1907

Acquired from the Don & Lynette Short collection in Port Townsend, WA in May 2011.