1907 Locomobile Model E
I-4, 20 bhp

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The Locomobile Company of America was founded in 1899 when John B. Walker bought the plans for a steam-powered car from the Stanley brothers, Francis and Freeland, for $250,000. They produced small steam-powered cars until 1902 when they sold the rights back to the Stanley brothers for $20,000. From that time on, the Locomobile Company concentrated on building internal-combustion powered luxury cars until its demise in 1929. The Locomobile design was heavily based on the German-built Mercedes and the French-built Panhard. Model E was a major breakthrough for Locomobile, becoming one of the most advanced cars made in America. It was powered by an inline 4 that produced 20 horsepower. This refinement came at a price of over $3,000. There were 627 of these beauties built-in 1907.


  • Locomobile in business from 1900 to 1929
  • Built-in Watertown, Massachusetts; Model E launched their reputation as a premier builder of gas automobiles
  • Features cast bronze crankcase
  • Once owned & restored by Bill Harrah