Vintage & Historic Tour

During the guided Vintage Vehicle Tour, a docent will lead you through two of our larger outbuildings. Our docents will provide you some history of Harold LeMay and how he came to be the largest private car collector in the world!*

*Guinness Book of World Records, 1997

Vintage Vehicle Tour

Our Museum Tour is self-guided through the Main Exhibit Building, which was historically used for recreation when the school was in operation. Take your time walking through six different gallery rooms containing 80-100 cars. Exhibits are all around you, so be aware of the vast number of displays! Our displays also include “automobilia” salt & pepper shakers, dolls, vintage gas pumps, and even hose nozzles!

Historic Tour

Rich in history, the site of the Marymount Academy was settled in the 1850s by the James Longmire and Benjamin Franklin Wright parties after traveling west on the northern-most branch of the Oregon Trail. In 1919, 100 acres of the ranch was sold to the Sisters of St. Dominic, who then opened a school for boys in 1923 that would provide a Catholic education. Later, the school’s focus became not only education but also to prepare young men for service in the military. Many of the teachers at the school were active-duty officers from nearby Camp Lewis, now Joint Base Lewis-McChord. Marymount served as an English-as-a-second language academy in the 1970s and later became a retirement community for nuns. A docent will lead you through the boy’s dormitories, classrooms, and the convent where the nuns resided. You will also see the 1920’s era Marymount Chapel, complete with inch-thick stain-glass panels and a hand-painted ceiling fresco.

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