Tacoma Farmers Market Accepts these types of vendors:

Farmer – Those actively involved and invested in the planting, growing and harvesting of agricultural products on owned, leased, rented or share-cropped land. This includes; ranchers, dairymen, fishermen, etc. Farmer category also includes vendors who sell value-added products made from their own farms’ products.

Processor: Those who sell foods that they have personally prepared or processed on property that they own, lease or rent in the State of Washington. Processors are persons offering fresh food products, such as, meats (charcuterie), baked goods, condiments, jams, etc., that have added value to their product through some sort of “hands on” processing (e.g., hand-filled filet, smoked or butchered meats, handmade jams and condiments, etc.) but have not raised the ingredients themselves.

Prepared Food Vendor: Those who offer freshly made foods, available for sale and immediate consumption on-site. Prepared Food vendors are required to source 25% of their menu from a local source and should use ingredients produced in Washington State as much as possible.

Artisan (Crafter): One who creates with their own hands the products they offer for sale at the Market. To qualify as a Crafter, a majority of the tools and equipment used to produce your products must require skill, personal handling and/or manipulation.

Resellers: A limited number of resellers will be permitted.

Vendor registration is now open. Produce vendors are $30 per 10’ booth, non-produce vendors are $50.

Between May and September, LeMay will be hosting Farmer’s Market and Car Meet On the Third Thursdays between 3pm and 7pm. The event will feature local farm produce, crafts, and up to 150 cars organized by the Streetwise Events NW. There is no cost to attend the event, and participants will get a free self-guided museum tour of the LeMay Collection!


The Marymount Self Guided Tour includes access to our main museum at Marymount which was historically used for recreation when the school was in operation. Take your time walking through LeMay Hall, The Pool Room, and the Gym between 3pm and 5pm. Exhibits are all around you, so be aware of the vast number of displays! Our displays also include “automobilia” salt & pepper shakers, dolls, vintage gas pumps, and even hose nozzles!

Car Meet

CAPS and Streetwise Events NW coordinate and provide safe events for enthusiasts. No matter what you drive, where you’re from, or who you are, ALL ARE WELCOME.

This event is a family friendly meet & mingle style event meaning event attendees must enter and leave the venue quietly and respectfully. Rules posted below are highly encouraged, and all vehicles are subject to license plate documentation and report to Tacoma Police Dept and Pierce County Sheriff if these rules cannot be followed.


  • No Burnouts
  • No Donuts
  • No Excessive Revving/Two Step
  • No Loud Music
  • Respect others enthusiasts and the community as a whole
  • Respect the venue, do not litter or damage the property

Food Court and Beer Garden

Tap Trucks Seattle will be on site to serve up refreshments in our beer garden. Come enjoy a cool one for a cause, 25% of sales will be donated to the LeMay Family Collection to help ensure the history of the automobile experience is here for generations to come.

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