Volunteer Check-In

After parking and entering the show, on the day of the annual show all volunteers are required to go to Volunteer Check-In to pick up items, receive any information necessary for their specific assignment, and make sure that all paperwork is in order. There is a Volunteer Check-In location at the Marymount Grounds (325 152nd ST E Tacoma, WA) and at the LeMay Home Grounds (135th & C Street) which you should visit before your shift (depending on where your shift will be worked). If you find that you are available to work additional shifts on that day, please tell the folks at Volunteer Check-In. We can always use the extra help!

Hosting Duties

All volunteers, no matter their position, are expected to be gracious hosts for the general public visitors on Annual Show Day. In fact, Room Hosting is one of the most common and important jobs to which volunteers are assigned for Annual Show Day. Specifically, Room Host volunteers are responsible for the safety of the visitors and vehicles within their assigned room. Volunteers are responsible for the preservation of the amazing LeMay Collection, so no touching of vehicles or other items on display is ever allowed, and no pets (certified service animals only, please), alcohol or smoking is permitted on the grounds. All visitors should be wearing a wristband to enter buildings and view the collection – Volunteers should be alert for any problems and should help to ensure that all visitors have the best possible experience while visiting the LeMay Collection.


Volunteers are appreciated! All LeMay annual show volunteers are provided with the following items at Volunteer Check-In and these items are expected to be worn for easy identification and in case of emergency during car show day: 1.) Car Show T-Shirt, 2.) Hat, 3) ID badge. Other items may be provided depending on your volunteer assignment (ie. safety vests for traffic/parking crew, walkie talkies, etc.)

  • Donuts, coffee and juice – 8-10am in the Marymount Dining Room
  • Lunch – 11am-1:30pm in the Marymount Dining Room
  • Dinner – 6:00pm in the Marymount Dining Room
  • Beverages (Soda, water, coffee) are available all day for volunteers.
  • Outdoor Sani-Can bathrooms will be available, and there are a few indoor restrooms.

Personal Collector Cars

To display your personal collector car, you should indicate as such on your Annual Show Volunteer Registration Form. We will have a designated area in the Car Club Corral for LeMay Volunteer’s collector cars.

Parking & Transportation for Volunteers

Designated General parking and volunteer and vendor parking is available in the lower field at Marymount (accessible via 138th Street and 4th Ave E). Limited disabled parking is available at Marymount. Some locations at this event may NOT be disabled accessible. Free shuttles run all day between Marymount & the LeMay Home Grounds. In case of long shuttle lines, volunteers may politely move to the front of the line.

Other Information

Each volunteer station has a General Information, maps, and emergency, bus, and parking info. Additional information is available upon request – please ask questions in advance, when possible. You may arrive before car show day to see where you will be working. Pre-show work is completed throughout the month of August, so there are plenty of opportunities to stop in to lend a hand.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email or 253.272.2336.

Annual Show Volunteer Sign Up Form