Hello Volunteer and welcome to the Volunteer portal! here you can see what shifts you have signed up for and for what events. look over the handy guides for volunteers and even read the latest newsletters!


How to sign up for shifts

  1. Click the “sign up for shifts” link under the volunteer links. This will take you to upcoming events. (Including offsite and rentals.)
  2. Pick which event you are interested in and click it, and scroll to the bottom.
  3. Go to the sign-up sheet and click which job and which time you want to work. (see the times on the far right side,) then click “Sign up >>”.
  4.  On the next page, you will click “SIGN ME UP!” at the bottom. (All your information should be filled out already.) This will sign you up for that shift. You will get an e-mail to your e-mail address confirming you have been signed up and it will show in the table below!


Volunteer guides

Orientation Guide

Off-site Event Guide

Event Positions Descriptions


Update your Volunteer Profile

Sign up for shifts

(these will be links to PDFs or other pages)

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