Amber & Travviss

Amber and Travviss married on a delightful Saturday afternoon.  The day was warm, and the beautiful teal and navy blue colors popped in the warm, bright sun.  Amber was revealed to Travviss prior to the wedding, and the couple used the opportunity to take some gorgeous photos throughout the Marymount grounds (Kudos TGTB Photography on the great shots!).  The top photo on the left was taken in front of our greenhouse, just one of the neat areas on our over 80 acres.  The bride arrived at the ceremony in a beautiful 1937 Packard Touring Limousine. The ceremony was a short and sweet one, followed by a fun evening of good food, friends, family, and laughter.  

Words from Amber & Travviss

  • What was the most memorable moment of your wedding? I think we both loved the first look! It was just so special to spend some time with each other before the big moment. But the whole wedding was just magical.
  • What did your guests think? All of our guests thought the venue was beautiful. They loved how secluded we felt even though we were in the center lawn. We had two people ask for info on the venue that day, and I’ve even had people ask where our venue was from pictures!


Colors: Navy Blue & Teal
Ceremony Site: Center Lawn
Reception Site: Center Lawn
Photographer: This Girl That Boy Photography
Caterer: New York Catering
Vintage Vehicle: 1937 Packard Touring Limousine